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What color Marth and Peach did Keropi play? What was the style of his marth and peach and who was his best smash 64 character? What is it like playing him and why did you think he was the best player, even better than armada when fighting him? If he kept playing Melee how strong would he be?

He was the strongest when he played Kirby.

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Also what is Keropi's style like and what's it like playing against him? How come you thought he was better than any other player?

I don't know how to explain his style. For second question, the reason is just I won against him less than any other players.

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What is Keropi doing right now? What is his job and who did he play in Smash 4? If Keropi kept playing seriously would he have been the best in the world? What does Keropi's name mean?

Sorry for the wait!
He's a salaryman right now. He played Villager in Smash 4. He would be one of the best players in the world for sure. His name is coming from an anime character which I don't know much.

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How amazing is SilentSpectre

Oh I never met him before, I don't have any idea on him.
What I know about him is him and I are both the only players who have a positive record on Armada, but that's all. Hope to see him one day though

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また何時にコンクールにいき始めますか。 すみません、私は日本語が上手じゃないです。 私の母語は英語です。



2/3-4 フィンランド Koneistamo (確定)
2/18-19 Beast (確定)
4/15-16 HFLAN (Compendium中)
6/3-4 パリ(希望)


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do you use 20xx to practice? if not, i can help you set it up on wii!

Thanks, I have 20XX. I don't know how to use though..

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How do you get better by practicing against the Lv9 computer? Do you have a routine?

I just don't have anyone to play with in my town and no netplay yet

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What are your methods for training now? In terms of studying sets, practicing tech skill, training with others, etc.

I play with computer lv9 lol

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What are your top 10 favourite video games ever?

Super Smash Bros. Melee
Super Smash Bros Wii U
Super Smash Bros. 64

Dance Dance Revolution
Pokemon Gold / Silver
Mario Kart 64
Super Mario 64
Super Street Fighter 2
Kameleon Twist
Puyo puyo 2

In random order except Smash series.

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Who are the best players you've beaten since coming out of retirement? I saw that you've beaten Fauster, V-dogg, and many of the best players in Finland.

Maybe Mayhem in WF in Finland or Fauster in losers' bracket in Norway was the best players I've beaten since my comeback.

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Do you ever have any hand pain or experience any injuries?

I felt pain on fingers when I tried to start playing Falco, but pain was small, in addition that was 2003 or so. :)

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What do Japanese Smashers think of Nintendo?

They have good reputation both in their game and in financial state.
Nintendo is one of the most popular companies in Japan.
For example, Nintendo is generally in the top 10 companies which students want to work for after their study.

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What do you think of Sauc3?

Hmm... i hate tell you, but I just knew his name now🤔

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How do I strive to get better and win at Smash if I'm extremely bored of the game? I'm not salty or losing, I have just lost interest at the moment.

As long as you are not sponsored and Smash is not a part of work, just take a rest for a while. Remember even Armada had a break for a year. Come back when you get hungry again. I'm sure you will be hungry soon though :)

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Hi CaptainJack! Welcome back to the Melee scene. I wish nothing but the best for you. Random question: Any fun memories of ChuDat?

It's not a memory, but today's Chu Dat's 30th birthday. Happy birthday Daniel!

Memories, he was definitely one of the most tough opponents of all time. In my opinion, Ken, Isai, Azen and Chu Dat are The Four Gods at that time in America.

And yeah, thanks for the wish man :)

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Are you going to G4?

No, unfortunately. I'm going to Beast instead! And I want to go to EVO 2017.

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Do you still keep in contact with masashi, bombsoldier, or sin2324?

Yeah I get along with Masashi very much, I talk to Bombsoldier sometimes. But I don't know who sin2324 is.

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what is the tier list like in Japan? Is mewtwo any higher there?


Hmmm, I've never seen any character tier list in Japan. No idea for Mewtwo, but I know a pretty good Mewtwo player exists, whose name is Zo-ma.

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Which year were you the most skilled I'm Smash? And not talking relative skill to other people but pure skill in playing (tech, mind games, neutral, etc)

Since Ssb 64's release in 1999 to the end of 2007. To be honest and objectively speaking, I have been one of the few god-like players since my first participation to a smash festa.

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How do you think you will do in North America?

I can't say anything until I regain my lost strength back :)

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Who do you think has more of a knack/talent for Smash, Ken, Mango, Zero, or Armada?

I can't answer as I have never played ZeRo nor Mango. All of them are amazingly talented though :)

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If you could get sponsored to any team which would it be and why?

I'd say Team Liquid and Nintendo Europe.
Nintendo is kind of a joke, but I'm serious for Team Liquid part.
The reason is they already have Ken in their team. Me and I were almost at the same position in the international Smash community, him in the US and me in Japan and Europe. I feel something like sympathy with Ken for experiencing the same era as an international top player at that era, so I like the fact that Team Liquid highly evaluate him too. And they have HungryBox in the team as well.
Anyway, I'll be writing about this topic a little bit more in my blog sooner or later :)

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Is your skill more from hard work or talent?

Good question! I'd say talent, but when I think back of 1999-2003, I used to play very often on weekends. I almost never played alone in training mode though. So practicing shield drop etc is kind of a tough work for me haha

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Is there any tech you're having trouble learning after returning to the melee scene?

Quick dash dance, sheild drop, and reaction tech chase. Adjusting modern Foxes.

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About CaptainJack, Legend of Melee:

I am a pioneer, legend of Super Smash Bros. Melee, created its history in early time (2001-2008). I made a comeback in 2016 autumn after 8 years of retirement, and currently live in Finland.

Pori, Finland

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