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Hi Cap! I'm a big fan of your channel, you make really great content and I watch every day :) I just wanted to ask if you are interested in expanding your channel outside of gaming and if so, what kind of videos would you like to make?

Id love to do more reaction/commentary style videos but they get hit with so many fake copyright strikes that it's hard to feel safe doing so.

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Hey there Cap, first time writer on this. 1) You have no idea how you help me thru chronic pain everyday, it is very rare I laugh anymore. 2) Still play .io games? Would love to see you try and maybe actually run into you there! One can dream lol

Im happy I can help! I haven't played many .io games just because they often seem repetitive and people seem less interested now. If anything really jumps out at me I might.

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As I understood, you have full support from your girlfriend but will we ever see her on your channel or at least hear her. "Never believe I heard her on your channel" i Knowing privacy is extremely important to you so i Think that never gonna happen. to bad i want a Boyfriend /Girlfriend Challange

Id rather focus my channel on myself and games rather than my life.

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If one would like to ask you if you would be open to do a short 30 second voice over for a special occasion, would you be open for that? If so, what would be the best way to contact you for that?

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Depends what a "special occasion is". If it's a game or YouTube collaboration then maybe, but personal stuff I wouldn't be interested in. Contacting me through my business email is best for business stuff like that.

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Are you running out of ideas for the Sims 4? If so, is it difficult to upload weekly? I know it's a popular series on your channel and I enjoy each episode, but I believe that like most games, when there's nothing left to do you should end it while there's still something positive to look back at.

I space it out by a week so that I don't run out of ideas. Between new mods, new game packs and 3 stories I can jump around to I still have lots to do. People want to see Grim's kids develop more into characters, A Bad Witch needs to return the hermit to his body, Kevin has a few things to do with Jungle Adventure etc.

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