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Do you have an account in instagram?

Instagram is not for me. I don't get out enough to take photos worth looking at.

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What do u need to make it happen...???

You need confidence bestowed upon you by a love fairy that descends from the heavens to turn you into a dating machine... and help you get as many panties as you can.

What is the last song you heard ? ▶️?

Igor Presnyakov's acoustic take on Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball. It's heavenly.

Are you gonna bust the PB grinder out of retirement for the TA Speedrun Tournament?

;) Maybe after the tournament. WR strats are not smart for tournament racing. ;)

What was the first novel on which you spent your money on??

I buy games instead of books. I have never spent money on a novel.

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

One of the quotes from my chat bot should have the answer. "Cards Against Insanity"

Great I'll be sure to give you a big hug once I finally meet you then. Second question, so I'm slowly considering myself to be one of the top puzzle league runners but I still do all my runs on emulator. I'm looking to try and get a capture card for my birthday later this year what do you recommend?

I currently use the GV-USB2. It takes a while to set up, but there is a nice tutorial out there by iotku on how to do it and it has not given me any problems since. Other than the Dazzle DVC 100, I don't know what other people use.

Can I give you a hug whenever I finally get the chance to meet you and possibly race a puzzle league/panel de pon game with you and the puzzle general crew?

I don't intend to go to SGDQ 2017, unfortunately, but I have no problem with hugs. There's a lot of me to hug, too. Take that in whatever direction you wish. ;)

I saw your run at sgdq and i really like the game, how can i get good at speedrunning puzzle league?

TAKE IT REALLY SLOW. Do all of the tutorials. Do the Super Easy mode in PPL's Mimic Mansion to improve your ability to see chains. Most people have found practicing PPL Hard Mode as a good starting point.

thoughts on north american speedrun assembly 2016?

It's just another marathon I can't attend as far as I'm concerned. I feel like it'll end up being compared to DeuceCon instead of ESA. Not sure it's good or bad either way.

What got you started on the Puzzle League games?

sgrunt_’s Profile Photosgrunt
It was a love of Pokemon as a kid that led me to PPL. The rest of them I did not learn about until much later. I did not think to speedrun them until I saw a group of people race PPL daily on SRL--the golden days of PPL speedrunning activity, if you will.

what do you think of the direction GDQs are taking?

The tagline at the top of the Games Done Quick website is "Speedrunning Marathons for Charity." It appears that we have gotten to the point with GDQs where they are less "speedrunning marathons" and more "charity marathons"--there is a difference. I don't know if this is something I will ultimately like or hate, but this is the way things are now.

Who are the top 1000 Puzzle Leaguers of all time?

You'll have to wait for the sequel to Wonderful 101, Wonderful 1000, to get that lineup.

What controller do you use for PPL?

I have been switching between controller adapters for the Wii. Right now, I'm using a SNES controller.

Got a couple of Questions: #1 It seems that every time Vyse is on Stream, he keeps talking about Kaiba's Story in Falsebound Kingdom. Do you guys work together on the game? #2 Did he ever finish the Route and if so, did he give it to you to Stream? #3 Can a PB Grinder make Peanut Butter Sandwiches?

#1 He's been working on the Kaiba route because I've been running the Yugi route.
#2 He has finished it and, as soon as I cut the 2:10 in Yugi's story, I'll start working with it.
#3 I SWEAR TO GOD, FORKY, IF YOU'RE--ahem. Sorry. But seriously, bbforky's been wanting one so bad, you should ask him.

I am looking to make an online multieplayer tetris attack clone, what version's engine should I model it after?

Good luck with that. I know several people that have tried, but none of them have gotten too far.
Personally, I like how Tetris Attack handles its combos, but I don't like that it doesn't give you as much time to chain while blocks are clearing. Pokemon Puzzle League gives you more time to chain, but its combo mechanics can be difficult to understand. I would just use the Nintendo Puzzle Collection engine to try for the best of both worlds. (Besides, more Tetris Attack enthusiasts should get access to that game in some form--it's much underappreciated.)

If you only could play one video game for the rest of your life which one would it be?

This is always a fun question. It has to be a game that always has you coming back, whether it's because the gameplay is so good or that there is a lot of varied content to keep you busy.
You'd think I'd say Pokemon Puzzle League or another Panel de Pon game because I love the series so much, but there's only so much you can do in those games.
No, the series that I will always go back to that can eat up a TON of my time is Disgaea. Anyone who has played that series knows how much you can do. And the humor--my goodness, the humor. I just find it so silly.
Since I haven't had an opportunity to play D2 (my PS3 is still in a pawn shop, as of this post), I will pick Disgaea 4 as my game of choice.


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