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3 years ago she said she had to go live her life and due to distance and age gap we decided to end everything. and we never talked again. She’s got a man now. And I a gf. But I still always think of her and still want her. She added me on insta 6 Months ago. Should I do anything?

From experience.. don’t do it it’ll hurt.
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How did you forget someone you were in love with?

You don’t but that’s ok love the memories and be open to new ines

I wanna disconnect all phones erase all accounts on social media ,haul my books, and move to an island .Do you think I can pull this off?


I deleted all of my old accounts, everywhere. I wonder if you saw all our old messages disappear? I only wish you the best happiness my love. 💜🍻 here’s to meeting such a beautiful soul that changed my life, I’m just glad you were part of it, if even for that fleeting moment. Take care & be safe.

Acceptance. My Jenny its been years and if I ever were to see you again it would be sad? Would it be serenity? I’m not sure. Maybe it was never to be found out. Things has been Gud I hope you’re safe successful and at peace. Always with love.

What is a lesson life has taught you?

Sometimes what you want is overrated. The title means nothing without the experience and most importantly. Follow through. Even if it seems impossible. Hope it helps

Step by step on how I can meet a genuine person for marriage and then the kids!

Get out of your own way

I always think about you, just know you were the love of my life, but life happens and time passes by and things have changed. You and me aren’t the same. I love you so much though and wish you the best in everything you do

It’s been a while

I just hope one day we can bump into each other and have a normal convo and talk about the past and laugh at the good memories.

If only….

I’m leaving this app again, I’m only able to stand it for moments at a time now. Thinking of you still. Hope you see soon.

Are you ok with never seeing each other ?

You’ve been the love of my life since the day I saw you 15 yrs ago… I always knew. I’m just so bad at expressing it

What happened to us? Lovers turned into strangers

I’m afraid to talk to you first because I know you won’t respond to me and probably block me

Come into the light


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