Ask @CarlyyThomaas:

i'm sure it's hard to believe. but i'm glad you're happy, you deserve every last bit of it. i'm not trying to confuse you. if i didn't mean anything i said in the last few questions i wouldn't have wasted my time to make a new ask and find yours..

just focus on your girl vic, I ain’t got a relationship I’m focusing on myself like we both agreed on doing. Your plans always switch up. You still destroyed me. Now go before I tell your girl to come get you. I’m glad you’re happy just forget about me

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you’re still as gorgeous as ever😪 you look so happy, i’m glad you can be. you deserve it. i’ll never stop thinking about you though. #F&A💪🏽

I made my own happiness, Idk why you’re doing this. You full on got a whole relationship, I only got a bunch of my friends back and they all make me happy. Idk why you’re doing this now. don’t confuse me. I hope you’re doing good. But I just woke up from a good ass nap 😂 why you gotta message me on ask I got a phone number

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