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What's the biggest crowd you've done something in front of? What were you doing? 🎤👥

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
The biggest crowd I've done something in front of was my Jr. High... I was performing a dance.

How often (If ever) does it happen that you enter a "flow-state"? Like when you're so focused on a task you almost forget to eat etc. Do you remember what you were doing last time that happened? ✏️⌨️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
The last time this happened was today when I forgot it was break time because it was so busy at work that I was just flowing with the chaos.
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What does your girlfriend/boyfriend do that turns you on?

What my boyfriend does to turn me on is do his little dancey dance, LOL

Why do I feel like a h*e when I never had sex in my life?

Maybe you feel like a hoe if you've had religious trauma in your life and what they've told you you should be as a woman has poisoned your mind into thinking negatively of yourself.

Say you were asked to act in front of a camera, how do you think you'd do? 🎬🗣️

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If I were asked to act in front of a camera, I think I'd do well.
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What does being in love means to you?

To me, being in love means having no doubt about wanting to spend the rest of your life with that person.

Any fall plans for this year?

liquid_sinn’s Profile PhotoSinn
Some of my fall plans are to go to Butter Field Acres, make spooky paintings, go to Emo Nite and go to the Tim Burton pop up bar.

Halloween is coming up, any plans on that date?

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We're having a Halloween party the weekend before Halloween, then on the actual day, we'll be handing out candy as usual.


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