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tbh youre super duper pretty and we dont talk a lot but that should definitely change because youre so kind and funny :)

fatimagutierez’s Profile Photofatima
thank you, you're very pretty as well!! & yes, we should! add me on snapchat; cassandracg23 ((:
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I'm Jackie, I was always with Erika and Mica was always with you. You probably remember mica:)

i think i remember you & mica not so much but like kinda yes at the same time ahahah but jackie does sound very familiar! well, i'd really love to talk to you again & catch up! do you have a snapchat? & mica, too!

Hi Cassandra! I know you probably dont remember me but I remember you and Erika. You and your sister transferred to pueblo vista and we'd always hang out. I went to Erika's funeral, I'm still very sorry for your loss she was so sweet and shy and you always the more out spoken one. Best wishes to you

hey! i probably do remember you!! just let me know who you are! im pretty curious ahah thanks for going to her funeral & for caring, i appreciate it! yeah, we were kinda of opposites lol but i loved her either way. if we both went to pueblo vista tho & were as close as you said, i'd love to talk again!! just let me know who you are & i'll hit you up! (:
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tbh: casss i miss you 💔 lets hang out soon plzz hope your kicking ass in soccer well you're beautiful on everyway and we havent sc in so longg

itscynthia_cc’s Profile PhotoCynthia♡
yes can we please? 😭 lets make plans asap! i'll snapchat you later today 😉❤️ love & miss you 😘
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Lmao it glitched ⬇️😂and did u get ur phone fixed ?

echeverriaval’s Profile PhotoVal
hell yeahhhhh 😏 you can now continue to call your mom with my phone lol
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tbh: you are hella funny and a beast at soccer. im hella lucky cuz you are my link crew leader:))

perezm0nicaa’s Profile Photomonica
aww when monica is my fave freshie from my group of freshies in link crew 😭😏❤️
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