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Would you submit on my tumblr page? :D I Would love to promote such a Beautiful lady on my page :D

Amidyville’s Profile PhotoAmidy Filth
Sorry I totally missed your question:( what is your tumblr?

Where would you most like to have sex? What is your favourite sexual position? What is your second favourite sexual position?

Anywhere. Missionary and doggy:)

I stumbled on your picture on tumblr and I absolutely LOVE your tattoos! What's your favorite tattoo and how many hours did it take?

NigelThompsonDuring’s Profile PhotoNigel Thompson-During
It's a tough question. My left arm...and it took a LOT of hours...can't remember though.

What do you enjoy about seeing dicks live?

I don't "enjoy" that, I enjoy talking to someone and sharing some fun time together:)

I love watching your shows! Do you enjoy looking at dick pics if I send you one? pliddious :-)

Honestly? Not really...I like to see it live though...but pics not so much:/
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hey just made this account to ask you. can i send a paypal payment for access instead of credit card. im a huge fan and would love to join your site. but dont have visa atm.

t coaster
Unfortunately not. Paypal can't process money for adult sites:(


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