Ask @Catlinman:

If you would have to name only one person you met < 6months ago. Who would it be and why?

One person.. hard choice because there are two people who have changed me quite a bit over the last 6 months. We'll stick to that handsome guy known as Trif since the other person is kind of more obfuscated and unknown to most and I think that would go outside of my comfort zone. Anyway, Trif.
Why did I pick him? Trif came along as this cool guy from the Cobalt forums who I almost looked up to as one of the developers behind the game. He made quite the impression on me and one day he followed me on Twitter. I asked him if it were alright to play games with him sometime and he said something along the lines of "no of course not, who do you think you are?!" followed by a short and quick "are you serious? sure you can!". I told him that I had a hard time asking him that question and he replied that he himself was amazed that I asked him since he was quite impressed by me. At first he took me as some >23 year old guy, making video games and generally being awesome. We started talking and I remember spending most of my summer vacation days speaking and chatting with him.
What followed was that he and I became close friends and I got a chance to finally talk to someone while feeling confident about it. I am usually not the most open person and tend to keep personal things to myself but Trif changed that about me.
I still have my issues when it comes to being confident. These however dwindle away when I speak to him and I have really come to appreciate that.

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If you could fly, what would you do?

I would probably fly really high, stop, fall and do random flips and stuff. Pretty much feel awesome about myself for the next 30 minutes. After that I'd find a way to put it to good use and visit random people and be all like " 'sup. Just flying and stuff - need anything done?". The answer to that would probably be a simple "no" so I'd most likely go back and resume my normal life.

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