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/. I have the deepest memories of being young and watching Ghost Whisperer at 2 am because I didn’t have cable xD you reached so far into my subconscious.

Elsa Grimaldi
/ I actually consider it an accomplishment that I've dragged all that nostalgia out of you with my choice! xD Ghost Whisperer is so damn underrated, honestly. Still lowkey scares the hell out of me though, had to take a break from re-watching it. xD

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An open investigation begins after the other two clients (who he scared off the night prior) go to the police, which then makes Cayden a suspect. Despite being released due to insufficient evidence, Cayden freaks and is overwhelmed by the entire thing (as well as the haunting memories he can’t shake), and convinces himself that he needs to move the body. I have yet to decide if he actually does, or is considering it, but this is the plot I’m doing for him. I think it would be good for development, dragging up his past and forcing him to face it rather than somewhat cowardly running from it. Plus, I want to add more elements and layers to the effects of the murder and stuff rather than leaving it simply two dimensional. I hope this makes sense, I know it’s long and throws a lot of information but that’s roughly the plan. I tried to explain it as much as possible so people would truly understand the direction in taking him in, because obviously I wouldn’t want to start an idea that isn’t immensely thought through. Any ideas or feedback on the plot would be appreciated, but a simple read would mean the world. Thank you.

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New plots for your character?

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Okay, the plot basically is;
Cayden, a week or so ago, went to Australia after receiving a call from his mother who was obviously distressed over a volatile situation she had to deal with alone with one of the clients (she’s still continuing the job in order to keep herself afloat). Naturally, he’s immensely protective over her, despite a lot of her actions being the cause of his internal suffering, she is still the centre of his universe and he would stop at nothing to protect her. He brung Raven with him under the false pretences that she could use a distraction from the accident and that she can see where he grew up, however in reality he knows going back to the house would force him to confront the demons that he ran from and he needed someone there that would anchor him back to reality which is Raven. Upon arriving, Cayden drops off a envelope with the first half of a large sum of money he got from his father to give to his mother to help her start a new life (this plays into his bitter, angered, yet conflicted reaction at Dylan killing their father and therefore cutting off his mothers chance at a fresh start. I did this because I wanted Cayden to have a reaction to the death but it wouldn’t be a sad kind of emotional one due to the lack of connection the two had — his father being nothing more than dead to him growing up, and Cayden to an extent blames him for everything). Everything runs pretty smoothly, despite Cayden’s thoughts when he is forced to face the reminders of when he killed the guy ; the unmarked grave, the knife indents in the wooden kitchen table, etc. As well as being forced back into the position of the scared little boy he used to be, which brings up a torrent of emotions like guilt and anger, this being a starting point for his retreat backwards in progress to become more emotionally available. During the night, one or two of the clients who were there with the man he killed (when they came to beat his mother a few months/a year ago), they weren’t there when he was murdered but they pieced it together. They beat his mother again, trying to get information, but Cayden steps in and angrily has one of them against a wall. There’s arguing, fighting, but he lets them both go because he isn’t a cold-blooded killer (he killed the client in self defence with the clients weapon which was meant for him) and Raven was there as well as his mother (who wasn’t present/doesn’t know about him killing the client, so now she starts finding out the truth). Cayden then gets Raven to leave and go back to the estate, not wanting her to see him become the man he fears as well as still not wanting her to see where he has come from — figuring that if he pushes her away, with a tough exterior, he won’t be hurt. Once she left, a day or so later, his mother is brought in for questioning over the clients murder.

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watching the connections you've built for him and the unique ideas you've come up with. The solo you wrote was actually completely incredible.

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/ So sorry for the delay to get to this, but you’re such a sweetheart and made me so happy with this, like so happy. I never wanted Cayden to fit into the mould of a stereotypical antagonist, I want there to be more complexity, and although I feel like I haven’t done it total justice this definitely has made me feel more confident in my portrayal. Cayden’s fucked up, putting it bluntly, and his entire personality is the outcome of what has happened to him. Sure, he can be nice to someone like Raven because he’s starting to care for her immensely but even then he isn’t constantly nice because he can’t act in a way that has never really been shown to him. He’s a whole concoction of anger, sadness, resentment, fear... the list is endless, but I really want to capture those internal battles within him and I hope that to some extent I do. He’s been through so much, and it’s such an honour to be able to play him, to bring life to him. Cayden’s biography and personality is simply amazing, and I’m grateful to have this opportunity to develop him. Like I said before, he’s not a good person, and I don’t want him to be nor does he ever claim to be one — his past has a bigger affect on him than he’d like to admit, and I feel like he’s somewhat stuck there, unable to move on. I just really love him, honestly. Thank you so much for the solo comment, really, it means the world that you liked it especially since it’s my first solo for him and I’ve already stressed how nervous I am when it comes to people reading my writing.
Thank you again though for this, your words have more meaning to me than you’ll ever realise. I just hope I can continue meeting those points you’ve raised, because that would be beyond amazing to me that I’d be able to amount to that with his character. Xx

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I really enjoy your portrayal of Cayden. To some he could be such a cookie cutter character honestly. Very basic and without a lot of personality. But so far you've made him stand out, made him unique and turned him into something incredible. There's so much to him and how he acts. I really enjoy -

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Any solos planned for your character?

/ Definitely. I really want to write one soon about when he killed his mothers client. It’s already stated in his bio how he did it, but I want to fixate on how he felt during burial and the aftermath. I can imagine treading that deep into a dark path would really mess with him, and the guilt he’d feel is unbearable. However, with this, I’d also like to show how he tries to process it with some self justification regarding the entire situation. After all, it was in self-defence with elements of anger due to the man beating his mother before turning on him, so it’s understandable but definitely not forgivable which is something I want him to battle with. Cayden isn’t a “good guy”, he never will be. He’s a product of what has happened around him, his social situation, the trauma.. and I really want to zoom in on that pivotal moment where he truly realises he’s some kind of monster that’s beyond being redeemed. I think it would be good, especially the eternal struggle and unstable switching of emotions towards what happened — maybe even juxtaposing it at the end, but I’ll keep that hidden for the moment. Other than that, probably his first meeting with his father after finding out who his dad was, and that he had siblings, who I imagine he’d resent for having a life he never did and not having to go through the heartache he did daily. Which I think would be good as it will add more meaning to the pendant he wears around his neck, a previously-unknown symbol to him of his families crest; once being a good luck charm, now it’s a reminder of something he never had — leading to a wide array of “what if’s”, if only he was raised by both parents, then maybe he wouldn’t have become the way he is now.

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