Ask @CazOSX:

Whats the tallest building you've ever been up?

Sωεετ Bεℓℓα
Probably a hotel in Lanzarote that was 20 floors or some shit and we went right to the top to the café and for the nice views. xD I didn't stop in that hotel overnight, but we were allowed to do that. It was a tourist attraction and it was recommended we do that when we went to another town in Lanzarote which I can't remember the name of. I remember we stopped in Las Americas. xD

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Do you get road rage walking behind slow people?

That's not road rage mate. Road rage is when you're on the road in the car... But it does piss me off if I'm behind slow people like move out my fucking way. I had this earlier when I was meeting a friend in town like either hurry the fuck up or move out my way. >.<

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