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My boyfriend and I live together but our relationship is a secret to everyone. I havent met his friends, and he has no intention on opening up much. Am I being ignorant right now to the signs?

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It should be private but not secretive. Both parties should be able to meet each other’s friends & also develop a great sense of security/transparency with each other. Therefore keeping you guys in alignment & understanding w/ one another always 💕
Have a talk w/ him about your concerns/thoughts & allow him to do the same !!!!
I think you should ask yourself, if it doesn’t feel right, why are you still there? I definitely don’t think it’s a healthy relationship, why would you share your life with someone that seems you don’t know very well?
Highly possible so if you feel this way you should speak out about it or if not let your relationship drift farther and farther apart so you guys separate real talk best of luck I believe everybody deserves happiness at one point in time

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