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Is it bad that I love my daughter a lot less than I did before because shes fat now

Is it bad if she loves you less because your old.JS

As long as you are living under my roof you will follow my rules. Do you understand?

That’s why I live alone….

My boyfriend and I live together but our relationship is a secret to everyone. I havent met his friends, and he has no intention on opening up much. Am I being ignorant right now to the signs?

Um yeah

Would you like to travel to space?

Duh but then again will I’d like to eat space food be space motion sick get abducted by aliens or die in space I don’t think so so hard question.

When is the last time you were satisfied

Depends in what way.
I was satisfied with my dinner last night and my sales performance at work this shift.

If they keep treating you like crap imma take you for myself 😩

Sweet of you but I can take care of myself and ppl only go as far as you’d allow them to. So if anyone treated me like crap it’s cause I allowed it. J/S


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