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Are there any characters besides the inner spirits not returning in the revamped Chakra series.

Yes, there are! Only a couple though~ There might be more but this is all I can remember for right now XD

Sueshi - Sueshi (or Sueshisuzki XD) will not be returning. It was inspired by Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura so I will no longer be using it~ ///7///) I might remake Sueshi into a type of creature in Hirgo, but it won't be talking and will be more animal-like~ Still loves Sueshi though, cutest lil thing ♥

Star - Star was actually a fan character someone let me use for a mission~ XD They pretty much wrote a plot and I liked it, so I used it~ I won't be using her, Ron and Kenta now, because I have a new, planned out mission in mind~

Ron - Ron is also a part of the Star's story. He was Star's Uncle who treated her badly, resulting in her running away.

Kenta - Kenta is also a part of the Star's story. He was Star's friend/classmate.

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What is Sakura's favorite food?

When is the next part coming out? And does everyone else have those super kawaii inner spirits?

Nike - Creator: Theres no set time on when they'll be updated but I'll try not to take too long~ ♥

And unfortunately inner spirits no longer exist in this revamped version~

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How old are each Chakra Guardians are? And how did you came up with the word "Chakra?"

Sakura - 12 Saito - 13 Tory - 11 Zach - 13 Amy - 12 Roy - 13 Takato - 12 Miki - 10 Yuki- 10
I really like young characters~ ///v///) cuteandinnocent ♥ This is their beginning ages so depending on how long it takes for these characters to appear in the story, they'll become older~

Nike - Creator: Sometimes I wonder why I chose to use Chakra, but I don't regret it~ In all the times I've heard of this unusual word in the past, it's been used in a way that means "inner power" or "energy". I thought it be of good use in my story (even though "Chakra" has a much deeper meaning to it) because being young I wanted characters with the typical "magical powers", so I used Chakra as the name for their energy, being what I thought it meant~ It soon after stuck and become a part of the title~

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What's Saito's favorite kind of chocolate?

How did you made up such an incredible story like Chakra? And what inspired you to draw?

Nike - Creator: Haha, through many years of thoughts, ideas and different versions~ Chakras really has came a long way XD Being very inspired by anime and manga, I really wanted to make a story of my own that people would enjoy ♥

Like I said before, anime and manga really inspired me, as well as others artists too~ Sometimes I feel I get "too inspired" some times XD but it's a good feeling~

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Sakura - Is your hair naturally pink..?

Sakura: I-it is~~ Momma told me to be proud of it no matter how different it may seem ♥

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About Chakra:

Ask questions about the story, plot, anything you've been wondering or just want to know and even about/to the characters! ~ I'll use these questions to hopefully fill in some holes in my story ♥ / / / v / / /)/ Please keep it related to Chakra please! ~ I may not answer certain questions ~