How old are each Chakra Guardians are? And how did you came up with the word "Chakra?"

Sakura - 12 Saito - 13 Tory - 11 Zach - 13 Amy - 12 Roy - 13 Takato - 12 Miki - 10 Yuki- 10
I really like young characters~ ///v///) cuteandinnocent ♥ This is their beginning ages so depending on how long it takes for these characters to appear in the story, they'll become older~
Nike - Creator: Sometimes I wonder why I chose to use Chakra, but I don't regret it~ In all the times I've heard of this unusual word in the past, it's been used in a way that means "inner power" or "energy". I thought it be of good use in my story (even though "Chakra" has a much deeper meaning to it) because being young I wanted characters with the typical "magical powers", so I used Chakra as the name for their energy, being what I thought it meant~ It soon after stuck and become a part of the title~

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