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TRANSGENDERS should be cremated alive. It's the only humane treatment for their mental contagion.

Disgusting take on this. Remove yourself from my page.

What would you do if your had do chosen between your friend and mom who would your choice I say mom Because I don’t have a dad

Depends on the friend! Lol but usually my friends have been more there for me then my mom

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Which job have you had that was your favourite?

princess_savvy666’s Profile Photoprincess_savvy666
I really loved working in supportive housing. But I also really enjoy my current role as a substance use counsellor. It’s way out of my comfort zone.

Would you say one of the most common reasons a woman would reject a guy friend is simply because he is not good enough for her?

I think because she isn’t interested in him that way. It’s hard to explain. But you know when you feel something for someone.


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