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Do you prefer very spicy or non-spicy food?

I love anything spicy. Super hot curries are a favourite of mine!

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What’s in your pockets?

Well.......... right now I have no pockets I am wearing a dress with no pockets so that kinda blows this question out the window so lets convert it to whats on my desk right now.
So looking at my desk I have my Gunnars glasses and its case, a drink of lemonade, medication, deodorant, Cleaning fluid for my glasses, an Xbox One controller, a note pad and my phone.

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Who's the most influential person in your life? <3

If I had to pick a top individual I would have to say my dad. If I look outside of direct family tho I would have to say 3 of my associates within Minecraft and the youtube/streaming scene are the next most influential in who I am and what I do. I think they know who they are, if they don't then well they have had a far more significant impact than they realize. I'm not going to list names here as to avoid embarrassing them. All I will say is two of them are a couple whom I have become fond of over the years I have known them and the third is someone I work closely work with who is originally from New Zealand and is currently living in Australia.

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What's your number one rule in life?

The main rule I live by in life is to treat others with respect and dignity.

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What one thing have you spent the most money on?

I would have to say my pc and gaming. Probably a close second is World of Warcraft specifically and buying Games Workshop Lord of the Rings figures to paint.

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Are you and Maximus together? You're so cute!

im sorry that i dont watch ur stream :( my pc is broken

no worries *huggles*

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Song Request In Your Streams?

Right now best I can do is take named requests from chat based on what I have licences for. I am however working on a new system which will tie the website to my pc and enable you to influence my broadcaster software to play songs from a preset list on my website of approved tracks as well as drop comments in with them which can be read on cast. Still early days but I'm working on it.

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Will you go out with me? :3

Soz dating someone but I love all the wotsits so thats something atleast *huggles*

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Do you play an instrument? Which?

I play Piano and Guitar. Been learning since i was 6. Classically training for Guitar

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What's on the top of your birthday wish list?

a day with my friends chilling and having fun!

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Do you have a TeamSpeak Char?

yup got a teamspeak for the community ip is feel free to join at any time all i ask is people respect the rules while on there

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When do you feel the most comfortable?

A lovely cup of tea

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How did you meet your best friend?

my originally best friend from school I literally ran into them on the first day of infants school. Sadly im not in contact with that person right now but my current best friend i met randomly while casting, they happened to be drunk half way round the world one morning, popped on planetminecraft and stumbled on my cast since im a caster for them. We got to know each other and work together in minecraft and been great buddies ever since :)

View more I remember borrowing VHS tapes of this show as a kid, have you ever seen this classic puppet show?

nope never seen it , only puppet show i remember is the muppets and seaseme street and they both scared the crap out of me, i found puppets scary as a kid

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I love all the adorable wotsits!

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Hey it's Wez, i was wondering if you get hired to construct buildings for people? I thought I'd ask you on here since it doesn't interrupt your construction aha

heya, yes i do builds for hire i've worked for a variety of servers and casters/youtubers and events in the past who needed builds. When i'm not building for hire I build to make things for my server. If anyone wanted to hire me is drop me a pm on twitch or send an email to me on . Include details of what they are looking for etc.

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Hot tea or ice tea?

Hot tea every time!

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Who is your hero and why?

The community who support what I do, including; Family, friends, co-workers etc. It's with all of these people and their help and support that I can stay strong and carry on doing what I'm doing regardless of those out to target me in a malicious way and try and bring me down. You help me overcome the challenges I face each day. There are certain individuals within the community who do than more than others and those are at the core and I can't thank them enough for their extra effort and support.
The way I see it is that although there is a core of people at the heart of holding me together its you all as a collective who consider yourself part of my community and my close associates/friends who genuinely care that make a difference to me every day. Each one of you is special in you own little ways and each of you enrich my life making it better every day in a different way. No contribution how small or large is never forgotten. You are my heroes!

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How important is it to you to treat people with kindness? Are you likely to treat someone you don't know with less kindness than someone you do know? <3

I treat everyone with open arms and respect. I try to judge not on first impressions but a developing portfolio of evidence based on the way an individual behaves. This information is what leads me to decide if I wish in the long term to support someone; be it emotionally, financially or in other ways. If people act in a manner out of proper etiquette and engage in inappropriate behaviour then I am less inclined to help them and will be straight to the point as to why. Its hard to make a decision when you meet someone and have not known them long and they need your help. I'm open to helping those I am not so familiar with BUT knowing me long term and showing that you behave in an appropriate manner and a genuine friend will get you more of my help than someone who I don't know who is looking for a soft target to sponge off of. Sadly they are plenty of them out there; can be hard to tell who is who. I've even had long term friends show their ugly side at the worst moments but the process i go through with people and how they gain my trust minimizes this so I can ensure the genuine people in need of help get it and not them.

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What's your most treasured memory? <3

Spending time with my family as a child

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whats another app like chatous that lets you make new friends?

didn't know what it was till i googled it. There are a few meet random people sites on the net. I suggest avoiding them completely, nothing but trolls and people getting body parts out. HOWEVER if you are looking for a community of awesome gamers who spend time together go check out gameon at . We have a great community of casters and loads of gaming chat going on.

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What are the best and worst things that have happened to you this month? How do you see these things impacting your life, long term?

Best thing: Build Off arena nearly done , Worst thing: severed ties with someone I considered a friend till they went mental in my channel and showed their true colours.
Impact: Moving on up, stronger and better than ever

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What is your Song of the week?

Shake it Off by Rezonate

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can i have a huggles?

Absolutely!!! Everyone gets huggles!

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