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Growing up, would people describe you as more mature than your actual age/peers or more whimsical and not too serious?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
when 7th grade started, most of my peers already knew that: I was already enforcing Campus policy at the Dental School:
unwanted harassment is 🚫 because you'll be given several warnings to 🛑 your behavior-or a report will be written up and turned in to Security Personnel so they can determine the next steps to take.
I also enforce Mark's policy Re: the same topic in the Community Standards.

Have you ever been to a haunted house attraction?

only in the Carnival stage in TM4-but, that crazy 🤡 , Sweet Tooth has a stronger special this time: his laughing Henchmen.
At the password screen, if you want to 🔓 him, the code is: ▶ (Start) , R1, ➡ (x2) ⬅
for "God Mode" , that code is ⬇ ⬅ L1 ⬅ ➡
but for most attacks, you can only do them in 3: regular/rear freeze (including jump + freeze) - and max out your weapon inventory (99 of each weapon) ... along with adding 99 freeze remotes.
For that attack in 4, you need to use Orbital or 🔓 Minion at the password screen.

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Have you ever been romantically interested in someone from this app?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
only my loved one, Illin Ahmed---all I have to do now is wait for her to get on FB (if she has time) and send me a f/r.
Her birthday's on 7/18, which means: she was born under ♋ (Cancer) -in mid-late June, there's a cusp that falls between my sign and hers because I was born under ♊ (Gemini)

Thinking about the possibility of becoming a YouTuber. Should I?

doglover3417777’s Profile PhotoAlayne
I already warned you: it's NOT a good idea. YouTube is very strict when a copyright violation is detected-even if you have permission from the original artist, you can still get in trouble.
And, your account has to be verified/in good standing to upload a video longer than 15 min.

2023 is almost over. What was your highest point this year?

freethinkerwinedrinker4’s Profile PhotoFreeThinker-WineDrinker
hmm......idk >>> probably when Republicans had the courage to 🦵 Kevin McCarthy out as House Speaker.
Even though Hakeem Jefferies is the Minority leader, he needs 218 votes to be sworn in

Should I buy another VW beetle or get a Mustang cobra 🐍

bobbystar95270’s Profile PhotoHickey
hmm... if I had to pick, I would probably recommend the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X

Is there anything you would change about how you were raised as a child?

fifteenandstronk9’s Profile PhotoStronk
in The PH, if mom is going to have a daughter, naming is done differently at most 🏥 s - especially at Premiere General Hospital (Neueva Ejica in Baler, Aurora)
for my sibling, Mila Ponce was 21 when her daughter was born 26 yrs ago (when I was in 7th grade) , her full legal name (as printed on her birth certificate) is
Blaza, Lovely Joy P
unfortunately, mom or dad didn't have any blood relatives on their side of the family so she couldn't immigrate over

Do you play any video games?

antisocialmermaid12103’s Profile Photoantisocialmermaid
my refurbished PS 2 console "gave up the 👻 " because many games caused the system to crash while loading-or freeze while in-game
so, I have to use Steam instead-or watch game streams on Youtube

Does anyone else get random ban warnings? They should have a detailed explanation about what got taken down and why.

aclownlikeme8’s Profile PhotoLottie
the only warning you'll receive following a ban is: you broke one of the rules in the Ask Terms of use-especially for uploading "sensitive content" and it gets reported, that's why it gets taken down.

When did you last talk to your family?

fifteenandstronk9’s Profile PhotoStronk
my family lives abroad in The PH - and most members had birthdays over the summer; but, my beautiful loved one lives in Dhaka, BD (Bangladesh) and her birthday falls under ♋ on 7/18

Is anyone else’s ask acting up? saying server error and can’t do anything refresh your page and things?

sometimes, this site doesn't load - and if you hold F12 --- or use your 🖱 and ➡ - click to bring up the console, it will say internal server error 500
so, some people have to just keep trying; or go ahead & reset the tower

Do you believe that love has to be mutual?

uthman_raza’s Profile PhotoUthman♥️
by law, both parties (on mom & dad's side of the family) must have blood relatives who already live in the US for a relationship to work

Why would a person lie about their age to you?

antisocialmermaid12103’s Profile Photoantisocialmermaid
they're not lying, they're just refusing to respect the law: harassment is 🚫 because you will be written up and a report will be filed and turned in to Security if you still won't 🛑
if I doubt their credentials, the law requires that they must show me the paperwork.

Do you think people are the most attracted to each other when they hardly know one another but once they get to know each other, the spark and interest in one another decreases?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
it usually decreases over time if a conflict causes a big fight and both parties can't sort it out-most people say trying to sort it out always ends up making the situation worse.

What made you give up on your crush ?

Luushy93356’s Profile Photo℄ucy52
her reply was: she didn't feel the same way-even though we started around the same time-frame when the Fall semester began.
I was already in my Junior year (11th grade) when I transferred over from Huron HS, but I was trying to restart my freshmen year all over again (9th grade)

How would you react to someone threatening your life?

missingraven5’s Profile PhotoDivina222
I will give her up to 4 warnings to 🛑 , then remind her that: harassment is 🚫 under Campus Policy over at the Dental School because a written report will be filed and turned in to Security.

Ever love her even though she broke ur heart?

she's remarried and has been very busy at work (McDonald's - Mie Prefecture, JP)
I'd like to sort this mess out, but idk what to say as a proper introduction before ✂ to the chase about my concerns 😕

You’re forced to fight “gladiator” style, but you get to choose your weapon (within reason). What do you opt for?

witmansampler’s Profile PhotoPatrick Campbell
I opt-in for staying on Outlaw's team if bad guys need to be taken down and arrested.
If I need back-up? I'll call Jeff to stock up on spike strips, then he'll need to call Buggs and make sure he stocks up.
Dave will need to coordinate his strategy with the LSPD (Los Santos Police Department) so air units can be prepared if an aerial spike needs to be deployed. Or, if a unit needs to be deployed after the driver bails on foot.
Alex will work with DHL to make sure orders are processed, shipped and delivered on time.
My former co-worker, Melissa will help Ryan with budgets each quarter.

Have you ever gotten yourself out of a speeding ticket👮🏼?

savlolo’s Profile Photosavlolo
irl, I can't drive. But if I could, I would probably switch lanes and hope I miss the spikes up ahead.

Have you ever broken a law? If you haven’t what is one law you’d love to break?

HellcatLover’s Profile PhotoLee
in VC (Vice City) , I recommend players stop the story after completing the Back Alley Brawl ($200)
if Tommy gets in trouble, keep his wanted level between 1 or 2 stars ("⭐ " or "⭐⭐")
as long as downtown remains 🔒 because you need to complete the story to 🔓 the rest of the 🗺 , you can't evade arrest; except by running on foot to the beach and drown (if you can help him sprint fast enough)

I own my children the best life 😌 I gonna always be there, do you love your kids?

my kids live abroad, and most of them had birthdays over the summer 🙂


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