Ask @Charley_Spray:

See the thing is it's not charley that's been through it all you should talk to Laura and she can tell you everything that charley did to her Laura did well of getting rid of you she deserved way better anyway

Um, excuse me. Who said they meant about Laura and I? I do and did have a life outside of my previous relationship with her. Yes fair enough I did some fucked up shit when we were breaking up but "everything that Charley did" makes me out to be an absolute cunt and before the last few months of our relationship I did make her happy so don't try acting like I'm the worst person in the world. Again yes I did do wrong and I hold my hands up to that but it takes two to tango. None of that matters now because its all in the past. Now if you'd like to come off of anon and tell me what your problem is with me that would be great because by the sounds of it you know completely everything about shit that doesn't involve you

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You look like a leukima patient just saying.

Do you know what? That doesn't actually offend me because I couldn't give a shit what someone on anonymous has to say about me but I've had a family member suffer from leukaemia in the past so I'd appreciate it if you took your sick comments somewhere else.

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