Ask @CharlieCole918:

Look at you running your mouth off, haha

Elisha I'll just leave you with this, try doing whatever you want to me and if your in a big group I will get every single one of you on your own and see how mouthy you all are then, but try anything while I've got my little sister with me and not only while I bray the fuck out of you, so will a lot of people so just try it yeah?

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Think about it and you'll know who I am but can't wait to see you on your own.

Elisha Thackeray then? Are you fucking kidding me seriously, I've had you threatening to put me in hospital for months why don't you try it and babe the other day I wasn't exactly with a group of people was I? I was with fucking family, I was going to come over and see how big and hard you was without your mates but my little sister was their and she doesn't like fighting so I wasn't going to upset her for a waste of fucking space like you.

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