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Tell me what makes you different from other people

Q: What makes me different from other people ..
honestly , i believe I’m not much different than anyone else in a sense that we all have our own experiences. We all are the same in that we’ve all experienced different things with different people.
On a more political note: right now being as the United States is divided, I think that we should be more focused on what makes us “the same” or “one” because like I said, nobody’s that different from anyone else. No ones special, not one race is more special than another or whatever the hell is going on there.
A: I suppose one thing that makes me different than other people is I’m able to understand where people are coming from when they talk or express something and I’m able to stay honest & real w/ them.

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Future goals ?

My future goals include but are not limited to :
-inspiring and helping others to stand up for themselves and what they believe in
- helping other people realize the power of honesty and the truth
- to stay positive, respectful, honest, and as helpful as i can be
- maintain the current friendships/relationships i have
- and obviously the present goals to keep moving forward, finish school, make money, &(again) maintain the current friendships/ relationships i have

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are you a hypocritical person?if so, how far can you go?

I think i can be hypocritical especially in an emotional sense. like i enjoy helping people, and offering advice and support but when it comes to me, i usually don’t reach out for support most of the time. pretty much just that kind of stuff. 🤷🏽‍♀️