Ask @Charlot1081:

Why do people kill each other?

The reason is that MM, or "Military of Mars", had a say in the 'Human' species. As the Martians were doing experiments on us, they had used nuclear air mixed with pneumonia. And a certain group had bleach added. This group was fine, but all of the other humans, when they got into the Earth's atmosphere, distorted them. Thus creating a 'Surviving' instinct. And to be afraid of certain things.

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What are snails even trying to do?

That's a very good question, so I did some research and my own personal theories.
Snails aren't just normal animals. They're actually Martians that settled on a planet named Mollusk – 4. They planted themselves in a box shell at first. But then they realized that was harder to walk in, giving a very professional formula, brought by the Andromeda system. So after a thousand years of one idea, they finally realized that a circular shell would be better. The Martians took another century before acting this plan out. Unfortunately, at that time the Shell System of Andromeda didn’t have too much research on the Mollusk species, they couldn’t stop the Martians from taking over. Once over powered by the Mollusk king, the whole planet was run by Martians.
The Martians then brought some of the classes on board their newly made starship, made by the Star Fleet of Andromeda, over to Mars, killing over half of the species when landing. They were for sure that if they brought another set of Mollusks to the planet Earth, the planet they accidentally made not too long ago, that they would live happily.
Unfortunately, when they brought the species to Earth, they got slower, they couldn’t stand on their leg, and when coming into the atmosphere, they shrunk into half inch to half feet snails. The Humans called the Mollusks ‘snails’. The Martians were upset that they couldn’t get to the Mollusks in time to bring them back to Mollusk – 4. So, as they could control all of the Mollusks’ minds, they programmed every snail to walk on the earth, to have a camera mode, so that the Martians could watch everything.
So the purpose for snails on Earth was a test to see if the Mollusks could survive on Earth without any distortions. Unfortunately for them, the test failed. The head master on Mollusk – 2, was quite furious when he heard this. So he commanded the Martians to plant in them to one day rule the Earth. The Martian leader of the Act, agreed to this, and said in 3023 Earth Years, that the snails will get special abilities to grow into their former Mollusk self. And thousands of other Mollusk species such as snails and Clams, will be there also, every class of Mollusk in the Mollusk System.

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Hi dear Charlotte :D i'm curious, what's make you love krisyeol? I'm happy cause i can meet a fellow international shipper ^^

Wow! Hahha. Honestly, one evening I was really bored. No one was reading my KyuWook or HyukMin stories. So I made a blog on AFF, if you look in the August of 2014 section you'll see it. But, I said that I'd take 2 story requests. So, one was ChenxOC, the other was KrisYeol. The ChenxOC failed after the third chapter. It seemed the requester wasn't too into the story, and no one else seemed to be as well. But after the first chapter of the Krisyeol story, it all was so popular! And I enjoyed making it! I looked up a lot of Krisyeol moments, and what not. After writing the first couple chapters of Lonely (My first Krisyeol story, and first in the series), I really enjoyed the couple. And they look very good together. Though it surprised me when I heard Luhan leave EXO, I read that Kris left months earlier. So I was sad that there wouldn't be anymore KrisYeol nore HunHan on camera... But generally, I usually fall in love with a couple when I make a story about it. :)

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@lizzzavine asks, "Would you rather have crazy turbulence on a flight or only be able to eat through your nostrils?”

Honestly, if neither was an option, I'd pick that. But since I've never been on an airplane, I don't know how it feels. Though, swallowing boogers is technically eating through your nostrils. So, I've already done that. Although it really feels weird... But I'd have to go with the eating through my nostrils.

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