Ask @CharlotteeBatson:

It is!! You need to be more confident, because you are so perfect :(

It's not! I don't really have a lot of confidence tbh, I'm very self conscious, I worry about what other people think alot, and no, I'm not perfect, nowhere near perfect! I'm just sure you're the perfect one!
Honestly please tell me who you are? Or at least give me a clue? Like boy or girl, idk that sort of thing, I really want to know who you are xx

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Please don't let them affect you, that's just what they wan to see you, sad! Chin up Hun, just remember you are beautiful. Xxxx

I'm honestly not though! I don't see how you can say I'm beautiful, seriously, because we all know that it's not true at all! It's not just them making me upset, there is so much going on at the moment, this is just adding to it:/ please just inbox me? I want to know who this is xxx

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