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If you were a teacher, what subject would be yours? 📚

Biology! I love anything to do with animals and anatomy.

What do you think about vegans who feed their dogs vegan dog food? Do they have the right to force their diet on their carnivorous pets? BQ: I've seen vegans say they don't trust meat eaters to look after their pets but would you trust a vegan to look after your dog properly, in terms of feeding??

No, they don't. Dogs can eat plants, but they can't THRIVE on plants; They need meat to survive and thrive. If they would feed my dog and feed it the proper diet, yes, I would let them look after my dog.

Forget love when their ain't nobody worth loving....

Love is worth it, but you have to be patient. Love is patient and kind.

How to get rid of bedbugs in the room?

Bleach, constant vacuuming, and treatments, lots of treatments.

Criminalizing catcalling is a form of systemic racism. Your cultural values are not universal.

Catcalling is literally disrespectful. Shame on you for shaming women for standing up for themselves.

Do you believe in ghosts? No? Neither do I. But I still don't know how I came back.



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