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What’s the coolest thing people can learn from you? 🌚

lol,It’s gonna be long but i bet you its 100% relatable….
This is for those who think relationship is an add on feature.. what they dont realise is that its a full time job..
So, I should try to give you an orientation of it from a guy’s viewpoint !
Just imagine the first two months in which you are busy charming the girl. And what does the guy do ? He texts her all day, wants her attention, praises her ( sometimes unnecessarily) as much as possible.. right ? He does these to get completely engaged into it.. In doing so, you have already wasted hours in a day. Now if she doesn’t reply, your’e still thinking about it, wasting still more time.
Now.. when she’s staying online, but still isn’t replying, you’re taking stress. Next, when she’s talking with you, sharing everything, a lot of information starts making you doubtful.. like.. she has many male friends, she still talks to her ex, she goes clubbing, she still visits her ex’s place, she has friends who hit on her but she’s still cool with it or maybe someone who tries to flirt with her, etc..all these makes you go thinking all the day wasting your time..
Then.. you pretend. You try to be the coolest guy she’s ever met. Whatever you do to make yourself look cool like sharing sex jokes, saying “ I am very open minded” , “ I am comfortable with anything “ etc..
Your’e basically wasting time on ACTING in the first 6 months
Then you talk with your friends about whats happening between you and her, and hence wasting time on that.
Then at night, you think about her. But this time, in a different way. You open her FB profile, see when she’s last online, browse her pictures, see the persons she’s friends with, download her pics.. browse the type of content she shares.. Basically you become a detective !
Oh ! I just forgot the calling sessions.. They are not less than one and a half hour in the first 6 months..I bet.. You want her to call her, share all her problems, you try to empathise with her sorrows, you share her happiness, etc.. and you waste time again.. ! :)
Then comes frequent meetings, movies, dates… how come these are not full time ?
Your’e screwing your own time not only by days, but by months !
AND NOW AFTER 6 MONTHS.. comes the catastrophe period…
… in which you start getting pissed off. After all honeymoon period is over, all excitement over.
Now both are used to each other. Both take each one for granted ! And do you even realise what you’re doing ? You’re angry, fighting because she’s talking to some other guy. Do you know how much time does a fight consumes ? IT TAKES AWAY DAYS..forget studying or focussing in your work.. because all the time you’re probably thinking what she’s doing ? Was i too rude ? Is she ok ? and all those shits..
huh ! Enough of talking.. now lets introspect..
Did you know why these happened ? Because you never found the right person..
Wish you all the best💯🍸

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