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Aj kah dou ?

Biryani •
Ye jo log muft me doosron k sath rude hotay hain na, ye dunia k fazool tareen log hain. Aap such mein kisi ko bura feel krwa k cool nae lgtay. Aap ka standard ZERO ho jata hai. Kuch acha nae keh sktay tou chup ho jao.
Aur mera dill krta hai k aik gr'ha(pit) khodd k aesay sb logon ko uss mein daal doon, phir chahay koi larki ho ya larka -_-
#TameezKaro #BetterToKeepSilent
(@Biryani aaj keh diya hai)

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Mahnoor naami lrkiyon se bht dhoky khae hain mene kya wajah h?? 😂

Your question literally made me laugh 😂😂
Daikhain ab naam mein kiya rakha hai. Aik suggestion hai k aap hrr jagha try na karain. Wait for "your" (life partner). She'll be actually the one who should be loyal to you and you to her. It's as simple as that.
Make pure relations. Patience will earn you a good life partner, InshaAllah :D

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Painful when you isolate yourself to see who reaches out to you and no one even notices..

It might be painful initially, but actually it's peace is disguise. You just get to know people better. Whoever is reading this, do this experiment. Trust me a lot of people will be filtered out.
On the other hand, kindly prioritize your own self. You need to be loved and taken care of too.

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