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Where did you get the red jacket in your twitter avi?

Bebe in southpark mall .

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ohhhhhhh so your going to have two? like keep both of them

No my parents will prolly keep it for themselves . But the white one will be mine, whenever (and if I do) get it.

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why dont you just get it painted lol

Because I can go buy a white one !?

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You make me want to run you over with your 6 series bmw.

Hahaha I wanna run me over too cus I really want a white one !

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did you and g break up?

Me and g NEVER dated ?!

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You try to act like your so much better than everyone else. Your so stuck up

That's so untrue. I don't act like I'm better than anyone ?! And I do not act stuck up. I think I'm as even as everyone else is and I feel like I'm just very blessed ! So you should try to get to know someone before you put them down !!

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are you freaking serious? you're gonna get another car because of the fucking color? you're so freaking spoiled.

Yeah?? I like white better !

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What do u drive ?

6 series BMW. But it's silver and I want white so I might get another one for my bday :D

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What does your book bag look like for this coming school year?

Tbh I haven't got one yet. Cus last year I had that MK one and I wanted the juicy c. one this year then they sold out so I have no idea

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Funniest thing you have ever done

Hahahh once I had to pee in an empty bottle and my friend used it for their drug test ...

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What's you ig name ?


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Where do you shop for clothes?

Boutiques and malls

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How old are you ?

Bout to be 16

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Screenshot your homescreen!

? K

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Do your parnts care what u do

As long as I'm staying out of trouble they really don't care lol

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What is the best thing to eat for breakfast?


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be the taco and i'll bring the meat :)

What the eff.

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what's your snapchat?


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Yore welcome love ❤️. Can I message you somewhere please?

Do I know u??

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Your room is huge lol! I saw it on vine! We'll some of it

Haha I guess

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Love the dress in your profile pic! ❤️ :)

Thankkks loveeee

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What does it depend on?

Idk. Who r u

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Do you like to meet/talk to new people even if they might not live near you?


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