Ask @Cheetahpaws:

I feel like I'm stalking you because I follow you everywhere~ don't hate meh!! ;w; (I've watched you for a long time just never made accounts x3) now for the question!! how did you start drawing animal faces with human expressions? If you know what I mean ? I need tips because I can't do it~ :3

Noxx Proga
Ahh Im flattered actually >\\< I'm just glad you like the arts! Hmm for the expressions, I had alot of struggle with that too when I started, I realized my characters are not expressive enough and tend to end up having the generic smile or look. After studying how other artists does it, and real animals mouth when they snarl. Try exaggerating the features usually helps, kinda like how pixar/Disney does their cartoon characters. Unless you are going for a very realistic look. I wish I have some tutorials on expression now to show but hope you have fun trying~ :O

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