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i love ur song but why dont u get on soundcloud no more?

too lazy to upload on SC.. but i will try again '-'

on your vid wolf in sheep's clothing what program did u use i want to know to up my vids cuase i really need it

husknathena3342’s Profile PhotoRealWolfBoy2502
for nightcore i used virtual dj and for the video itself, adobe after effects and vegas pro xD

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Hi! I’ve been a really big fan of your rock playlist. I was wondering if you’ll ever consider uploading it on Spotify? I’m not sure how the process works but I would really be happy if this happens! It’s fine if you can’t :) Let me know! Thanks!

Not yet! But maybe one day i will :)

Would you make Spotify and Deezer acconts to upload your nightcores? I would add all of them on my playlists!! I'm a big fan! Here - have a virtual hug ?❤

As of now not yet, but maybe one day i will consider it!

I love two of your songs and what to know if I can use them for a fanfic I have on Wattpad they would be perfect for the parts

Sure just credit will do ^^
Liked by: Shaylah

hello ❤️Cherry❤️, I'd like to ask, you know how to sing? and if you know, you will sing someday and post it like a nightcore?? And keep going with your uploads (◕^^◕)(◕^^◕)

Junior Senpai
I don't sing that well so probably no xD tho i did post 2 nightcores of it (short ones) on my side channel xD
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Hey Cherry Chan try dota 2 in steam its free XD umm can I play with you if you play Dota 2 btw love your nightcore i am a huge fan of your

Erm sorry but I don't like dota ;-;
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hello Cherry, I'd like to ask, you know how to sing? and if you know, you will sing someday and post it like a nightcore?? And don't stop your upload ^^ keep going ❤️ ❤️

Junior Senpai
XDD i'm not good in singing so i probably won't sing haha xD ...

Hey, cherry ^^ I´m sorry for asking this here, but could you please tell me how you added the playlist-categories ( e.g. "Genere Playists")? I tryed to find it out myself and also searched for tutorials, but failed to find an related information ... I´d be really greatful if you could explain ><

Hey, first make the playlist and there's an edit button on the right when you hover over it and you will see this and make it something like this: https://gyazo.com/294704f9190b6887c97a4c72f0020801

Hay I was wondering if you could Make an amv of Yuri on ice music being want you it would be awesome if you could and you don't have to if it's to much work ml

Xrum9’s Profile PhotoTy carvel walker
Um sorry but i do not make AMVs anymore..

Hey Cherry, I wuv ur music so much. Can you follow me on myanimelist.com I’d like to have you as my first MAL friend. ? My user name is 3-GoldenAngel-3 I’d like to talk sometime to for advice ? Thanks!!! Cyaaaa

Braden Pascua
Okay i sent you a request ^^


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