Ask @Cherylxx0511:

Worst customer service experience?

Once I was in Amsterdam with a friend and he was thirsty so we sat down somewhere and he ordered a drink. I didn’t really want anything but when I said that the lady told me that I also have to order something and otherwise I had to leave. So I ended up ordering a water, but apparently I didn’t drink it fast enough because about 5-10 minutes later the woman came outside again and she angrily said ‘drink up, your ice is melting’ and then she pushed the glass closer to me and walked away again. It wasn’t just me tho, she acted even worse to the people sitting at the table next to us. And at the end they were talking to her and she said that she doesn’t want kids like us sitting at her cafe because we would scare away the ‘serious customers’ (we were 16/17, and so were the people at the table next to us) she also called us stalkers because we were in Amsterdam because Shawn Mendes was there that weekend, which didn’t make sense to me because first of all it’s none of her business why we are there, and second of all, she should be happy that more people are coming to her cafe because of it... It was just really weird and the lady was very rude.

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