Ask @CheshireOcelot:

If you could be the leader of your country, what would you change?

Depends on circumstances and how much power I actually have. It's not something I give a lot of thought to, though. As B. D. Matthews put it on Twitter, "Having political opinions is fun, but it’s the moral equivalent of posting a PornHub comment about what you’d do if you were that guy."

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The truth is, if things continue the same way in the sexual marketplace (incel phenomenon), you should expect to see loads of mass violence coming from men that didn't get a nice, kissless virgin for them (bc women don't get punished and are unrealistic). Go ahead and laugh, but it's true.

Not a question.

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Do you agree that loneliness can be addictive and therefore dangerous?

Odd as it may sound, yes, loneliness can be addictive. Some folks may fall in love with the archetype of the lonely, misunderstood artist or outcast, or they may get caught up in what’s practically an online subculture of self-pity (though these online relationships are better than nothing, they can’t take the place of IRL friendships). I think it’s fairly obvious that loneliness isn’t healthy.

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What is the weirdest thing you've heard somebody say?

Well, it is very, very weird indeed to hear words like “forever” plead, such ships run through my mind, I cannot cheat. It’s like looking in the teacher’s face complete. I can say nothing to you but repeat what I heard, that “love” is just a four letter word.

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