Ask @Chhotu_uttam:

What's the best team of fansubbers you can come up with whose names, combined, contain as least one of each letter in the alphabet?

since I was too lazy, I'll let @etoce take the glory
[17:31:19] <&Etoce> you can make a pangram of gjm members with
[17:31:50] <&Etoce> vinylfreak89, Chhotu_uttam, duplex, GrygrFlzr, Desch, joletb, QQwerty, and Squiggy

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What would happen if you competed in the Olympics?


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Who is someone you envy?

[18:47:13] <&QQwerty> "BUT IT'S LONG"

View more | what about the dents in our kokoros as you stall it for the like 4th or 5th month :^(

RMA it fam :^)

View more | there's always gonna be 100+ signs if you don't even try to make small dents tho.

What about the dent already in my kokoro that has been made?

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Why are you stalling KokoSake?

When you've got 100+ signs to do, the mochivation runs downhill.

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Is there anything so precious to you that you'd risk your life for it?

Mai Waifu

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Could you invent a new ice cream flavor?

Rum Raisin?

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What's the last text msg you received?

[06:20:29] <&QQwerty> chh finish tanaka pls

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What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?


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Are you an Eco-friendly person?

I save energy by stalling :^)

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What's your favorite flavor of bubble gum?


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What's your middle name?

*Insert Middle Name Here*

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Do you think dad caps are really making a comeback?

What do you think I'm? A Pleb?

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Have you ever fansubbed for competition? What do you think about such a reason?

IMO typesetting is in general a healthy competition. Every now and then people figure out some way to make the typesetting to pretty. You have to cope up with the standards and the expectations every now and then.

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@parenttrapfan asks, "What is your favorite way to make an egg?”

レッツ オムレツ

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@alexernst asks, "What is your favorite romance movie?"

Not really a fan of romance movies but if I had to choose one, I guess I'd go with the most common answer in Titanic.

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Would you enjoy the media you consume less if they were mainstream?

Not really

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If you could play any musical instrument, what would it be?

Drums coz muh Ritu.

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What is a saying you say a lot?


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Where is the best place for a vacation?

Otonokizaka Gakuen.

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How do you cheer up a friend when they're feeling down?

make them watch School Days, they'll understand.

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What is the one thing you could not live without?

oxygen, tru fax.

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Have you ever loved someone you have not met?

not really but I think @kusion has never met me IRL.

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Hey. Can you subscribe my channel on youtube? Thanks

If you'd had a Nico Nico channel, would've subscribed xD

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