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Hi again! =) I already tried this and many other methods to convert skn to obj. They all work only until the launch date of Yasuo, the newer champions and skins doesn't work by any of the methods I tried. Any ideas that might help? Thanks!

Only other method I know is by using Unwrap3D but it cost 50$ ^^

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I'd link you my portfolio but I don't wanna be attacked by your fanboys, thank you, you can take what I say as useful or just ignore the hard truth, the way you think its mediocre, "I can't bake a cake, but I can bake a cupcake so its fine", besides "I'm gonna learn to bake a cake", disappointing.

You can send the link via email or on twitter or whatever, I wont share it if you're afraid of that, it's mostly for my own curiosity. And again, if the way I express my feelings/thoughts doesnt suit you, fine by me, I'll still learn how to bake the cakes that I want to, one way or another, with or without you passive-aggressive attitude. Anyway, have a nice day

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It is a shame you act like you do hard stuff when you don't, I'm self taught, I don't want to point all your mistakes, just look up CGSociety galleries / Riot's Cinematics and aim for that detail, I'm not attacking you but someone had to say it, aim higher its my advice, you got talent, Press Start♥

I act like this because it's true for me, it might not be for you, again, you might know how to bake the most awesome cake ever, I dont, so it's harder for me to bake it. And please, stop using the word "shame" when you're trying to "help" people (because apparently you are) it's disrespectful, you dont even respect people's work because they seem "low effort" to you. As for the "look up CGSociety-RitoGame cinematics", I didnt know CGSociety existed, and I still look up to "Riot's Cinematics" aka made in Blur Studio by SEVERAL EXPERIENCED PEOPLE (that knows what they are doing). Still waiting for YOUR work though, you sound like someone who make high quality CGIs to talk that much, and I would love to see it

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In the name of everyone who does real VFX I have to tell you that you're a shame, I'm not hating, just today I found your channel and twitter, your 3D is very basic and the models aren't even yours, yet you post that you work so much, what a shame... "Work in silence and let your success make noise"

First of all, you actually are hating by callin people "a shame" for whatever reasons. Second, yes I work long hours on my projects because I learned everything by myself and not at school, maybe you did, maybe you didnt, good for you, I learned my way, if it doesnt suits you when I say "I work hard on my videos" I understand and you should stop watching them if you feel that way. Third, everybody knows that I use Riot's models, it's not new or anything and I dont see where is the problem in "I dont know how to create my own models so I use the in-game ones", I dont know everything, I dont know how to edit properly like Dippen, I dont know how to make great food like my mom, I dont know how to compose music like my brother, yet I still try & learn from it. As for the last "quote", if I want to rant on my Twitter account that I'm disapointed with my video I'll do it, like it or not, nobody forces you to follow me or read my tweets or watch my work or whatever. Anyway, hope you have a good day, hope I'll see some of your "real VFX" one day or another so I can judge your work too, might be interresting and I'll probably learn a thing or two :)

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Can you make another tutorial on how you inmate the Leaguenof legends characters. The other one is really fast paced and even when I pause to catch up I still don't know what is going on. Please I want to do this for my career and I can't find any tutorial. Thank you so much

Sounds like a good idea, but what topics would you want in that video ? Just me animating ? It would be super boring IMO.
As for the tutorial I've already made, it was fast paced to fit the music first, and then because people mostly asked how to get the files & open them, it was the goal of the video and even after watching it more than 30 times already I still find it ok to follow if you just want to know how to open the files. As for the "it's too quick" you have a Speed button now on Youtube that let you slow down the video if you have troubles watching it (as for myself I dont have any problems with fast content).
To get back to the Animating topic, the fact is that there are already a ton of tutorials everywhere on the internet about how to animate stuff by hand, using a webcam, using Kinect, using X or Y software to do liquid simulation, having X or Y graphics card to render as best as possible etc... Google is literally a heaven when it comes to learning something new, I did the video because the other tutorials were outdated and nobody did one with Unwrap3D, and since a lot of people were asking for it, I did.
If you want to make it you career, you shouldnt start looking up for tutorials on the internet, you better be learning all that stuff at school if you want my opinion. Learning it on the internet is great but it wont get you as far as learning the whole "knowledge package" at school, you'll learn way more stuff there rather than on the internet.

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Do you know of a way to get any of the new models exported like Azir or DJ Sona without using UU3D. The Maya and Blender method are out of date and no longer work with the newer models (after the jinx patch)

I dont know if there is another software else than UU3D that can open them, I spent hours searching for one but couldnt find any :(

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