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Would you befriends with yourself?

I think so! I like being friends with people different than me though, so I’m not sure how much I’d get along with my same personality haha
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I’m a straight not lesbian but i wanna try and experiment w other straight girls. Is that normal?

I think it totally is! You could consider yourself bi-curious but I also think your sexuality is what you determine it to be, so do what feels best 💓
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Do you own a car?

shcoolsex4929’s Profile PhotoLeo Sandri
I completely owned my last one, buuut one accident later (thankfully I wasn’t at fault) and now I’m paying off my new one. 🤪
Do you own a car

If for some reason that you become desperate for money, would you strip to earn a living?

Psh, desperate? I’d consider doing it now if I knew I’d be able to make some good money! 😂
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Is there someone that you want to have a conversation with and technically could but you choose not to? If so, why do you choose not to reach out to them?

I’m sure there are. Sometimes I have the intention to reach out and then I forget. It’s good to remember that the phone goes both ways, too


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