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who is your favorite singer?and your favorite quote?

Whenever you ask me these kind of questions, my mind goes blank.

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To every single person I follow on here, yes all 400 and something haha, Goodnight, sweet dreams, love you all so much :P Live long and prosper!

thanks :3

Liam and Noel Gallagher have finally ended their public spat after reconciling at a family wedding in Ireland... and are now even reportedly planning to open up a fab new bar together with their mother!!!! :O :O OMG!!!! OASIS COULD BE GETTING BACK TOGETHER OMG!!!! I'm SO HAPPY!!!! :O Woop woop!!!


Sending this to all my followers, just reminding you all, I love you all, it's why I follow you :3 Keep being awesome! :3

thanks C: :3

I'll wait all on my own like a flower in the snow, With just my shadow following me out into the cold, Where I walk past the trees to look for my love.


Merry Christmas :3 have a good one, hope Santa gives you everything you asked for :) :P

thanks :3 only saw all these now sorry xD


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