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Latest answers from Chloej213

Has your underwear ever been exposed in public

Not in public, but only behind closed doors with your dad. Sowry. :*

Well as long as they weren't embarrassing panties I'm sure it wasn't too bad

They were granny panties I'm sure of it. I wear nothing but those. So big and spacious.

Well did you have on some cute panties that day

I don't remember which ones they were. You should ask around, I'm sure the kids that were out there remember better than I do. Lawlz

Teachers? Where did this happen

At school. The day I gave my speech for being on student council..it was when the buses were loading up for kids to go home and my shoe broke...

So a lot of people saw your underwear then

Haha and several teachers. It was the most awkward moment of my life.

Have you ever been pantsed before

Mm. No..but I did fall in front of a lot of people and my skirt went up over my butt I landed if that counts.

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