Ask @ChristianDaShawnHarris:

you will get on your page or someone else's and say you like them or want to get with them then say the same thing to the next. honestly is there one girl you want to be with or you you trying to have fun?

like with women, when your single, you need to have options and choose which people are being real with you about if they wanna be in your life or is they running game. some women choose to go head into a relationship and end up failing at it and i can honestly say i have done just that before, too, but now, i'm shopping and looking for the right woman to be with, does that make me a playa, nope, i'm not playing games and if i get serious to the point i'm talking to someone, ill tell the other females i was talking to that i found someone i wanna be with, so we can either be friends or you can do what you wanna do!!!

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