Ask @ChristinaFrancis243:

people believe that students after matric (10th) take science as their stream are only the one which survive in this aint true...commerce and humanities have their own importance..other wise we woul hav engineers and docs all around should'nt people change their mindset???,

OF COURSE PEOPLE SHOULD ! One should NEVER EVER choose a stream based on how THEY FEEL it'd be ! One should choose with the line of career that they want to go in life ! If business commerce ! If psychologist, lawyer - humanities ! By choosing a stream one does not degrade its reputation !
To me science has it contribution to the world BUT the major contribution is totally done by commerce and humanities related subjects !
So yeah ... Taking commerce or humanities is not a bad thing ! Nor should it be considered of low value in the society ! Every stream should be given equality as in the end of the day all three are major contributions to the future. 😊
Again thanks farida for asking :p Mann it's so easy knowing its you XD

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how r u idiottt... m f9 ... 😀😀😀i miss u😢

i'm greaaaat chocolate lover ! just the study part of life is wait, HORRIBLE. I miss you too rey :'( </3 ... those days of going to tuition together and pusin faizah to one corner of the car when the car took a turn... hahahahah XD best time !

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