Guys im confused, so i was on facetime with my guy bestfriend and i was laughing and my friend next to me said she shipped us. Now i can't stop thinking about if i like him, he is a great guy and funny i just don't know, and i know he doesn't like me bc he likes someone else, idk if i like him..

I would be so confused too😂 umm, do you think of him 24/7? Is he always what you are thinking about? If so than you most likely like him.

Not 24/7 but recently yeah, because im not even kidding as soon as i posted this shoutout he texted me saying he missed me and wanted to know what would happen if things with the girl he liked didn't work out, it sounded like he likes me. So I'm freaking out bc i dont know what i feel😂😬

Figure out how you feel first because you don’t want to lead him on, ya know?