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have you been studying English for a long time? Consider learning any other language besides this one?

english is my first language
watashi wa nihongo o jozu umaku arimasen benkyo shite imasu

What do you want for your birthday?

maybe some summer perfume or clothes or something idk tbh
i wanna hang with my bf and friends but finals are keeping him busy so i cant really do much rn
bdays for me are always really weird and kinda melancholy b/c i reflect on them and think about my past and stuff

I’ve been hurting for a while. Dealing with depression and anxiety. It’s hard for me to overcome my fears and deal with it. I have no confidence in me at all.

congratulations same

Do you like short or long hair on someone of the opposite sex?

short hair but i dont really care tbh

Is it transphobic to reject someone because they're trans

no just like it's not racist to not want to date black girls
everyone has preferences when it comes to dating and no one is entitled to a date

What's the latest thing that made you smile? ?❤

i was really happy today when i beat a korean ppt player
started off with a dtc opener and got good garbo rng thru the game
surprised i won tbh

Why is there a death date on your Steam profile?

that's the day i plan to off myself (either from an OD of secobarbital (4g+) or an exit bag (google those if you don't know what they are) or some third method (maybe ice and slash wrists? still figuring shi out).
i've decided that i would rather die young in control than later when something (idk cancer or old age) kills me. i don't plan to kill myself because i hate life or anything, so don't get me wrong. i love life, i just don't like the one i have and i don't feel like i'm in control of it.
the thing about me and life in general is that you're brought into it without any choice. it just happens. you can't choose which life you want to live. because of that i've never felt completely in control of my life. i was born into this body as this person that i don't really think i am.
i may not have control over how i was born, but i have control over what i can do with my birth. sure maybe i can appease myself and try to be the person i want to be (thru cosmetics, surgery, etc) but i know i will never reach the level i want because i have never and will never be in complete control of my life because of my birth.
as people can't control life, but strangely we can control our death. we can hit the kill switch if we choose to. after realizing this i've learned that though controlling my death, i can control my life and i can say when it ends.
please don't send me a ton of messages trying to convince me otherwise. i've heard enough arguments already. all i know is that i like being able to have the option to off myself whenever i choose and that having this control over my death (and life) has given me a lot of solitude.

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How can I cope knowing that my daughter does porn?

just realize that not everyone's paths to success are the same and some people have different interests than others
even though she's your daughter, her role in life is not to make you happy and live a scripted life you wrote out. let her be herself and do what she wants, as long as it's safe
regardless of how unconventional it is, she's her own person and you should respect her judgement as a father to support her

Hey Cinna, I haven't talked to you in awhile and I wanted to see how you were doing. How have things been lately, cutie?

i'm doing okay, thanks for checking in on me and stuff. life is kind of bleak these days but i'm surviving though each and every day so ye


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