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Can they change the Dinosaur Train theme song to "Holy Shit It's a Dinosaur?" (Google it if you aren't familiar with it, it's a typical reaction to seeing a real life dinosaur set to the Jurassic Park theme)

Haha. Jurassic Park. Haha.

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"What is the best song to take a shit to? OOOH. Good question, good question. I would recommend something along the lines of Metallica's Master of Puppets" Are you saying Master of Puppets is a crappy song?

NO. It just pushes everything that needs to be pushed.

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Would you die for Sweetie Belle?

No she's me.

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Do you recycle or just throw everything in the trash?

No I recycle.

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How's your national reading contest going ?

It starts today and goes on through Saturday and Sunday until Monday morning. Eeek. I'm excited.

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Can you do a backflip?

No. Front flips.

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have you been to Victoria, British Columbia?

Kamryn Swint


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Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity?

Online. I want to buy the actual physical game.

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Have you ever read the Twilight saga?


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You're almost as cute as me!


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Which Thomas the Tank Engine character is your favorite?


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If Sweetie Belle were to have her own kingdom where would it be and what would it be made of?

Marshmallows and the brightest shiniest bluest diamonds.

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Did it ever occur to you that maybe the person making random Disney quotes ISN'T just one person?

Yes. Yes but in that case I still want to meet both.

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Would you ever be fine if Hasbro decided to make Sweetie Belle an alicorn princess?

Hey it's their decision.

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Did you do the voice for the Sweetie Belle newborn plush?

I dont know I haven't pressed it's button yet.

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Do you trust your government?


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So, now that season 4 is over, what was your favorite episode? Least favorite?

Haven't finished it. Hhehehe.

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It was the creepers and skeletons. Blew down the doors and boxed us in Arrows whizzing by like streaks of light. I tried all that I could to stay and fight.


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How do you stay adorable?

Put on my mask and costume everyday.

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I love you. (And I mean it, too) Why do you have to live 1 day and 23 hours away by car if there's no traffic? :c

It's where I grow up

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Do you watch Mad Men? You know, they've made pony versions of the main characters in Manehattan episode.

You should listen to more Kpop it's good for the Seoul. See what I did there?

Are you really a horse in real life

Totally. I'm sure horses really have small enough fingers to type on a phone. Or if they even have fingers.

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Do you plan on going to a university after high school? If so, which one(s)?

Juliard would be cool. But in reality I don't think I would get in. If I wanted to go id go for the playwright position. Not acting.

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You're awesome, beautiful, cool, cute, pretty, and sweet, sister Claire ~ your bro J.T. and no I'm not spamming you I'm showering you with compliments for my best sis

Okay thanks

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