So what was the decision behind airing Children Who Chase Lost Voices in the middle of the night on November 5th as opposed to running it at midnight on October 29th instead of a Gundam marathon?

Lol. DST provided an opportunity to do an extra hour of something, and the movie was presented as a cheap alternative. Airing it that late we risk nothing. The Gundam marathon did better than 90% of the movies we could afford would. Ya'll movie hounds need to let this go. Not sure what golden memories you have of all the movies in Toonami, but we've NEVER showed a ton of movies and when we have, it was always because of larger deals made by the network or even TBS broadcasting as a whole. We do not have, and will not have, a large discretionary budget to blow on one night events. We aren't HBO or Crunchyroll or Netflix, and we never will be. Not sure what else to say. The fact that anyone's first reaction to us showing an awesome movie is "but what about this OTHER THING YOU SAID" blows my mind, really.

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