If you can answer, I’m honestly curious if you are legitimately happier that the new Thundercats is what it is instead of maybe a 2nd season of TCats ‘11 which many have desired for a while (as potentially impossible as that may have been to make if it was written off). I know it did well on Toonami

The ‘11 Thundercats was great but it never performed beyond “okay.” The reason it’s gone is because it was not embraced by its intended audience- kids. That’s the math of tv and it’s something older animation fans sometimes have a hard time understanding.
This new TCats looks aimed directly at kids, which is smart. So yeah, I’m happy. The art style looks great- anyone who is trying to compare it to Steven Universe, or Ok GO, etc, in terms of line work and design does not have the critical faculties to even discuss the look of the show, frankly.
The people at Studio Yotta are wildly talented, they clearly care about what made Thundercats fun and special and want to put their own spin on it while honoring that. And the existence of this show doesn’t prevent anyone from rewatching the original or the ‘11 versions, does it?👌🏼

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