You blocked giving us subbed FLCL to force us all to watch the TV broadcast, and it still got a pitiful 500k in it's premiere? Netflix and Hulu get at least 5 times as much for their anime premieres. Well done in showing that streaming is indeed the future and nobody wants to work with you anymore.

Actually, we are all thrilled because we won our time slot against all of television with people ppl 18-24 and men 18-34 for FLCL!
Also, we both know you have no idea what streaming numbers Hulu and Netflix get for their anime premieres because they almost never release them publicly, so I wouldn’t go comparing us and them. Incomplete data set, y’know?
And finally, we moved the sub versions because we were asked to by TOHO. You know, the famous film company that’s releasing the Japanese version of the show? Not because we wanted to.
I hope it’s a sunny day where you are so you can go outside and enjoy it! All this negativity is gonna give you heartburn, anon. 😘

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