Sorry to bother you but is the schedule I’m seeing on the AS site/app accurate? Is Toonami repeating an SAO and only premiering one episode this week? If so ep 10 will air at 11:30pm right before Neverland. It’s a very graphic episode even for 11:30pm.

You're not bothering me! The app is not accurate. We will in fact be premiering two new SAO eps this Saturday, episodes 9 and 10. We are aware of the disturbing scenes and themes in the episode and it will air heavily edited. Thanks.

I'm curious about this given the confirmed censoring of episode 10 for Sword Art Online. Why? Given that the block as already aired both Fairy Dance assaults and the ending of Gun Gale (Attempted Rape/Murder/Suicide) why the sudden shift (if there even was one?) Is this just standard S&P rules?

We didn't air GGO.
S&P decided how much the scene in Alicization should be edited and in this case, it was heavily.