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So... how DID you get those scars? Do you have some long love story to tell? Or a life on the street to much to handle? What about at home, maybe a dad or step dad who has anger issues

You see me dad, he was a bit of a drinker. One day he grabbed a bottle and smashed it over my mother’s head. He took one of the shards and cut a f*cking smile into my face! Then he asked me “WHY SO SERIOUS?!”

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What is the most embarrassing thing u have ever done?

Hopefully you know a little about music. So! I was at band camp, and I had a fortissimo bass drum hit coming up in the song we were playing. Right as we get to it, the director cuts off. I didn’t see him cut off, and I hit the drum insanely hard. It rang so loudly. In a quiet room. Everyone looked back at me. I wanted to die

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Let me clarify. In what way does the length of time it's been abandoned figure into your willingness? Would you prefer one that has been left to rot since the Victorian era, or since say, 1990?

Either would be fine, my turn off is 4 years or less

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