Ask @CliffRichardTwoPointO:

Favorite singers

In terms of pure voice (oh boy here goes):
Brian Wilson
Carl Wilson
John Lennon
Alex Chilton
Chris Bell
Buddy Holly
Captain Beefheart
Ric Ocasek
Benjamin Orr
Mick Jones
John Fogerty
David Bowie
Jim Morrison
Dr. John
Glenn Frey
Greg Lake
Ray Davies
Lou Reed
Nick Drake
Syd Barrett
Randy Newman
Johnny Rotten
Chris Cornell
Marc Bolan
Tim Buckley
Todd Rundgren
Tom Waits
Scott Walker
Emitt Rhodes
Tim Hardin
Thom Yorke
Ian Curtis
Jeff Buckley
Hugh Cornwell
Leonard Cohen
Steve Marriott
Gene Clark
Jacques Brel
Richard Hell
Ray Charles
Michael Nesmith
Paul Weller
Vashti Bunyan
Ty Segall
Damon Albarn
Al Green
Tony Hicks
Bradley Nowell
What I could fit

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Would you say smosh is still successful? They still get a million views per video but that's out of 22 million subscribers. One million is still a lot though and they upload fairly often, plus second channels

Id say, considering the fact that they are still getting 1 million plus views per video for the past 11 years, they also have like 9 channels that get decent views. Look at pewdiepie, he has 55 million subs and gets 4-5 million views per video, that's not a good average but still good enough to make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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