... How good are the templars' prosthetics, anyhow? I assume they're pretty spartan, so no fancy touchy stuff unless that's really easy to do? But are they a hindrance/over-heavy/etc.?

Esper, Rosehip fangirl
If a templar sister is terribly injured in battle, she may receive a prosthetic from one of three sources: from the white witch herself in the form of a boon (normally received during the warp festival and the quality depends on the quality of the offering made and goodness of the branch to be mended), from the West House (usually somewhat limited or quirky in construction -- the west house sisters are not very good at fine craft-work), and those handed down from another sister. In the last case, the original source is either a boon or the west house, and the fit may not be quite right.
Prosthetics are actually rather rare, and any sister that sustains such an injury on the field usually dies. Only her vessel is returned to soil of the garden. Those who return from the field alive are usually whole, but probably scarred.
Bikky's arm is a bit of an odd case, but that's a story for another time.

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