Saber Tank
This is great. ;ww;
Copy/Paste below:
Goodnight Dark Moon:

In the small apartment bedroom
There was a magic girl
And candy, sweets, gum
And a doll of-
That idol paired with a thing of the Dark Moon
And a piece of corporate paper from a smiling traitor
And two eyes through the window stare
Past paired rain-banishing prayers
And a comb, a brush, a maid singing too much
And that maid’s deceptively nice butt
Goodnight gum
Goodnight Lunarian scum
Goodnight a cutest
Goodnight a best
Goodnight Clocks
(And goodnight Bweh Socks?)
Goodnight Comb
And goodnight brush
Goodnight Robot maid that tells The State too much
Goodnight paper
Goodnight traitor
Goodnight twice to that bitch
F@#%ing disabled Ero switch

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