Defectivehorn Apostle here, What an odd day it has been. I had an Uber driver drop off a young lady at my home I had seen before with several suitcases of luggage. She told me that she will be staying with me for awhile so she can help with my herds. 1/?

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2/? At first I was taken by surpsied that she knew about my herds and would even want to be near them. My second surprise was when I informed the herds about her being here, the Hornmothers all came out to see and sniff her as well. I guess they first thought she really was a walking cake.
3/? So as expected, when the hornmothers move out all of a sudden, the rest of the herd moved out too. I have to admit it was amusing to see her get swarmed and rubbed up against by whole herds! They seem to like her scent for some reason, even if she isn't a real cake.
4/4 So I have little to worry about having Cupcake staying at my home. I did lay down some ground rules for her to follow and she seems to accept that. For now. Currently she is in bed asleep. Well, lets see what tomorrow brings.
All that sniffing and biting... I wonder if they are attracted to her soft mochi-like texture on top of her cake smell. Hmmmm.

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